8 guaranteed ways to earn money from WordPress and earn dollars.

Have you ever considered making unlimited money online? If you want to start your own business at a relatively low cost, WordPress is the best choice for you. There are many different ways to make money from WordPress today, and you can even make unlimited dollars for yourself on this free platform. In the continuation of this article, by introducing 8 guaranteed ways to earn money from WordPress, follow the Sun Lern programming training website.


What are the benefits of WordPress?

8 guaranteed ways to make money from WordPress and earn dollars.

1.       Earn money from WordPress plugin programming.

2.       Earn money from WordPress template design

3.       Make money from WordPress with WordPress related tips

4.       Earn WordPress by launching the site

5.       Make money from WordPress by personalizing the template

6.       Make money from WordPress by producing content

7.       Make money from WordPress by launching a personal site

8.       Make money from your site

9.       Website design revenue with WordPress in 2021

10.   Website design revenue with WordPress outside of USA

11.   How to make money from WordPress?

12.   What are the benefits of WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress as a CMS has grown a lot so far and today it is known as one of the most popular and most practical content management systems. Nearly 80 million websites worldwide are built with this system. Based on this, WordPress alone has taken over a large part of the website building market. Some of the benefits that have made WordPress so popular are:

·       Learning WordPress is easy and building a website with it is relatively quick.

·       There are many plugins to work with; So the possibility of coding in WordPress is minimized.

·       Available for free.

·       It is constantly updated and has high security.

·       You can create different sites with WordPress. (Company, news, store, etc.)

·       To learn more about the benefits of WordPress, you can read the article Introducing the most important benefits of WordPress .


Skills to make money from WordPress

As we said in the previous section, one of the most important benefits of WordPress is that it does not require high programming skills. WordPress has many free templates and plugins that help you design a website from zero to one hundred based on the user's design, and in this way, except for familiarity with the WordPress environment and its possible features, no special skills are required.

Note, however, that if you are familiar with CSS, HTML, and PHP, you can customize a site-ready template to meet the user's needs. In the following sections, we will discuss in detail how to make money from WordPress this way. Knowing the needs of the WordPress community is also one of the skills that if you have, you can earn a lot of money from WordPress.

Here are some proven ways to make money from WordPress. You too can easily make money using these methods and by trying and learning.

1.       Earn money from WordPress plugin programming

If you use WordPress, you know that site management is not possible without the use of at least a few plugins or plugins. Plugins are used to add additional features that help administrators successfully manage sites. There are thousands of WordPress plugins, some for free and some for free.

Making money from WordPress plugin programming is one of the common methods in WordPress. If you find a solution to a problem and turn it into a plugin (a plugin that the audience wants to buy), you will find your way to monetize WordPress. To do this, check out some of the available plugins that have made good money to see how you can make good money through a plugin like Pippins Plugins or Opti Monster.

If you are thinking of selling WordPress plugins, make sure your plugin focuses on a specific need. One of the best examples of this is the Comment Luv plugin. This plugin will rid your site of comments from spam. The free version of Comment Luv has more than 750,000 users worldwide; But the developer of this plugin has released a premium version of its add-on by adding a few more features and making money from it.

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۲. Earn money from WordPress template design.

If you are a web designer or developer, earning money from WordPress template design is one of the best ways for you. You do not need to be a professional designer or coder to create attractive WordPress templates, but you must know who your target audience is and who you intend to create the template for. Otherwise, you will not be able to attract the audience.


Many companies work in the field of WordPress template design and thus earn a lot of money. For example, people like Brain Clark and Chris Pearson founded StudioPress and Thesis to create attractive, high-quality templates for WordPress websites. They have been making millions of dollars for years by hiring a few designers and selling their eye-catching templates daily. In Iran, many sites have similar activities, including the jacket site.


If you have just decided to create a WordPress template and you do not have enough confidence in this way, instead of doing everything yourself, you can form a group or join one of the current groups working in this field. This way, you will not have to work hard to work on projects and earn money at the same time.


You can sell your templates on the Iranian Jacket website or on foreign sites Themeforest , Creative Market , Mojo Marketplace or your own website. Plus, just like plugins, you can work on other people's templates and make more money.


3. Make money from WordPress with WordPress related tips

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to offer WordPress consulting. To do this, just master WordPress. Then you can make money by creating custom designs or teaching beginners or professionals.


If you want to make big money this way, you must first have a strong collection. One of the easiest ways to build a strong collection is to provide free consulting services (or products of your choice) to influential bloggers in the WordPress community. Ask them for feedback if they are satisfied with your work or to share their opinions about your services on their site. This will boost your online sales, as endorsement by top bloggers is one of the best social verification tools.


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4. Earn WordPress by launching the site

If you are a beginner or a part-time blogger who does not have much skill in WordPress but wants to make money this way, site launching services are the best option for you. Even beginners can do it. but how?


Many people want to use WordPress for their site, but they do not have enough technical information, so they go to site launching services. Your job as a provider of these services is to install WordPress, upload WordPress templates, add the necessary plugins and so on.


Ask your customers to create a page for site launching services on their website. To attract a targeted audience or dedicated traffic to this page, you can place a banner related to your services on your personal website, write as a guest on other sites, or advertise a report. Social media can also be useful.


If your offer is appealing to people, they will contact you. But many novice bloggers are reluctant to pay for these services. In this case, you can launch their site for free, but instead put your links on their service page. An example of income for people outside of Iran is that, if you can recommend them to the Bluehost WordPress hosting serviceBecause the service is affordable for novice bloggers, you can get a $ 65 commission for each new subscription. You can also introduce your templates, plugins, security services, and other affiliate products on the service page to view when registering. But keep one thing in mind, recommend only products that you have tried yourself and are of good quality.


Earn WordPress template design

5. Make money from WordPress by personalizing the template

If you are a skilled developer who has extra time, you can offer template personalization services and earn money from WordPress. Many developers make a lot of money by providing site, template, and plugin personalization services on Iranian websites such as Poonisha and foreign websites such as Upwork and Freelancer . In addition, you can provide these services through your personal site.


Many WordPress users are able to install the template (or get it through their hosting service), but not everyone has the technical skills to change the layout of pages, custom post types, and so on. This is where you can offer your services to users at a reasonable price.


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6. Make money from WordPress by producing content

One way to make money online is to create content. Do you think you have enough skills to do this? If so, start now. To find job opportunities related to content production in WordPress, you can use Google search and find examples of Iranian sites requesting this service. You can also use ProBlogger Job Board , Elance , Odesk , Peopleperhour , etc. for external cases . Or go to your favorite sites and if you have a form to work with us, send your request to write the articles they want. Not only will you be able to get powerful blacklinks from their site, but you will also be paid for your work.


In addition, be sure to have a page on your site to display your previous work. By doing this, prospective employers can take a look at your writing style as well as how influential your articles are on other sites and social media.


7. Make money from WordPress by launching a personal site

In the online world, it is always recommended to start a website for your business. So what are you waiting for? Build your WordPress site and start earning money from WordPress. You can design a special page to provide all your services. Clearly include your previous work in your collection. Try to connect with influential bloggers to form a network of people around you to attract customers.


If you do not know how to get your WordPress website up and running, use a comprehensive WordPress guide for beginners. Learn about all the steps from creating a site, from hosting and writing posts and pages to contact forms and more.


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8. Make money from your site

If you have a site, you can earn good money by offering your products and services. To earn money on the site, you can get help from affiliate marketing, advertising, custom reviews, etc. It does not take much effort to do this, just make the most of the content and traffic you currently have.


Most service providers and business sites have affiliate plans. Among the things that are easy to work with are Themeforest and Creative Market. There are also cases about Iranian sites that you can refer to Google. To use these services, all you have to do is create a free account and link to them in your content.


To receive advertisements, you can introduce your advertising plan or work with advertising companies. Or use your Google Adsense account and enter your code there so that Google Ads can handle your ads and pay you your monthly income.


You can also write custom posts. To use this feature, embed a contact page or form on your site so that others can contact you for review, training, or anything else. Just state that by agreement, all of your comments are honest.


Remember that investing in your own knowledge is the best and safest way to make money, and there is no overnight, effortless way to success.


Website design revenue with WordPress outside

Depending on the experience, a WordPress developer can  earn up to $ 50 an hour or more. The average revenue for WordPress web design and WordPress template design on Themes Forrest and other foreign websites mentioned earlier is between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000 per year, and this amount can be more or less depending on your efforts, professionalism and activity. ; The income of many professional programmers in the United States is estimated at $ 100,000.


The place of WordPress in the world

Make Money From WordPress - JavaScript Developers In America

WordPress generates about $ 52,000 a year in the United States. The minimum amount is $ 34,000 and the maximum reported amount is $ 74,000.


Income of WordPress designers in Canada

There are many job opportunities for WordPress in Canada. In addition, the salaries of programmers are higher than in other countries. Each WordPress developer earns an average of $ 73,000 a year and $ 37.5 an hour.




Earn WordPress Designers in Australia

WordPress is also relatively lucrative in Australia. Developers in Australia can earn about $ 5,000 a month from WordPress.


How to make money from WordPress?

You do not have to be a genius to make money from WordPress. If you can learn the methods described in this article, such as developing WordPress templates and plugins, creating content, creating a personal WordPress website, etc., and become a professional in your work, you will find many opportunities to generate huge revenue from WordPress. Many WordPress professionals, after completing several projects and gaining sufficient skills in this field, earn dollars from WordPress.


What is your strategy for monetizing WordPress? targetedwebtraffic.com are happy to share your comments and experiences with us and other users.